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Brand Lydon Dir. Warehouse & Transportation x261 blydon@varietydistributors.com
Don Lantz General Manager / COO x217 dlantz@varietydistributors.com
Lisa Hughey Controller & Stockholder Information x243 lhughey@varietydistributors.com
Marie Wiederin Human Resource / Risk Manger x238 mwiederin@varietydistributors.com
Marlene Brensel Merchandise / Import Manager x240 mbrensel@varietydistributors.com
Tim Malcom I.T. Manager x259 tmalcom@varietydistributors.com
Bret Anderson Customer Service Mgr. / National Show Coord. x272 banderson@varietydistributors.com
Kristina Chance Customer Service Representative x274 kchance@varietydistributors.com
Lora Hansen Accounts Payable x236 lhansen@varietydistributors.com
LaVonne Schulte Customer Claims Processor x256 lschulte@varietydistributors.com
Tara Thompson Credit Manager / Accounts Receivable x257 trohlf@varietydistributors.com
Emily Wagner Network Administrator x235 ewagner@varietydistributors.com
Tim Malcom I.T. Manager x259 tmalcom@varietydistributors.com
Amanda Retzlaff Candy,Toy,HBA,Valentine,Easter,Halloween Candy,Xmas Toy/Candy x228 aretzlaff@varietydistributors.com
Carol Obrecht et Supplies,Horticulture,Hair Goods,Hardware,Infants & Halloween x213 cobrecht@varietydistributors.com
Jill Tingler Photo/Electronics,HBA,Domestics x203 jlangenfeld@varietydistributors.com
Julie Langenfeld Store Supplies,Basic Wearables,HBC,Hosiery x241 jlangenfeld@varietydistributors.com
Kerrie Dea Soc. Stationary,Stationary,Domestics x227 kdea@varietydistributors.com
Megan Reddick Small Accessories,Housewares,Photo Electronics,Collegiate,PV,Trim x262 mreddick@varietydistributors.com
Patrece Mikels Dollar,Gift,Craft,Notions,Fabric,Early Buy,Xmas Gift x246 pmikels@varietydistributors.com
Marlene Brensel Catalog & Planogram Requests x240 mbrensel@varietydistributors.com
Stevie Schmidt Marketing & Key Account Coordinator x253 sschmidt@varietydistributors.com