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Administrative/Senior Management Staff General Manager/COO X217 dlantz@varietydistributors.com
Administrative/Senior Management Staff Merchandise/Ad Manager/Import Manager X228 aretzlaff@varietydistributors.com
Administrative/Senior Management Staff Dir. Warehouse & Transportation X220 asuntken@varietydistributors.com
Administrative/Senior Management Staff Customer Service Manager / Business Development Manager / Product Marketing X262 mreddick@varietydistributors.com
Administrative/Senior Management Staff Controller (Stockholder Information) X243 dsvendsen@varietydistributors.com
Administrative/Senior Management Staff Human Resources/Risk Manager X238 mwiederin@varietydistributors.com
General Office/Merchandising Variable Pricing X238 mwiederin@varietydistributors.com
Administrative/Senior Management Staff IT Manager X259 tmalcom@varietydistributors.com
Buying Department Buyer (Dollar; Crafts; Notions; Hardware; Floral; Fabric X246 pmikels@varietydistributors.com
Buying Department Assistant for Patrece Mikels X214 mmurtaugh@varietydistributors.com
Buying Department Buyer (Toys; Electronics) X209 jfolley@varietydistributors.com
Buying Department Assistant for Justin Folley X222 atabor@varietydistributors.com
Buying Department Buyer (Pet Supplies; Housewares; Social Stationery) X213 cobrecht@varietydistributors.com
Buying Department Assistant for Carol Obrecht X215 twakehouse@varietydistributors.com
Buying Department Associate Buyer (HBA; Stationery; Domestics) X275 kbobenmoyer@varietydistributors.com
Buying Department Assistant for Kelsi Eyler X285 tjennings@varietydistributors.com
Buying Department Associate Buyer (HBC; Hair Goods; Candy) X241 mschechinger@varietydistributors.com
Buying Department Assistant for Molly Schechinger X223 mdicicco@varietydistributors.com
Buying Department Associate Buyer (Small Accessories; Store Supplies; Horticulture; Basic Wearables; Infants; Hosiery) X283 slyons@varietydistributors.com
Buying Department Assistant for Sarah Lyons X203 randersen@varietydistributors.com
Customer Service Department Customer Service Representative X274 kchance@varietydistributors.com
Customer Service Department New Store Set-Up (Key Account Coordinator/Customer Service) X200 twegner@varietydistributors.com
Customer Service Department New Store Set-Up (Key Account Coordinator/Customer Service) X274 jslama@varietydistributors.com
Warehouse Basic Warehouse Supervisor X201 nschwery@varietydistributors.com
General Office/Merchandising Credit/Acounts Receivable X257 trohlf@varietydistributors.com
General Office/Merchandising Customer Claims Processor X256 dschuler@varietydistributors.com
Computer Department Hardware Tech/MSI Help X235 dpetsche@varietydistributors.com
Print Room Department Graphic Design/Print Room Manager/Sale Plan Circular Distribution X284 ljacobsen@varietydistributors.com
Print Room Department Catalog & Planogram Request X245 kwill@varietydistributors.com